History KS2: Middle Stone Age (animation)

An introduction to the precarious nature of life in Mesolithic Britain through the eyes of a typical family.

They dig flint out of the ground, using antlers as a pick.

They gather food and make tools from stone and antlers.

They have to move about following food, so everything must be light and portable.

They make weapons with which to hunt, and domesticate a wolf - the beginning of man’s relationship with dogs.

This is from the series: The Story of Britain

Teacher Notes

This could be used as an introduction to life in the Middle Stone Age.

Ask students what they know about life in Mesolithic Britain.

Pupils an make a list of the food people ate and the tools and weapons mentioned in the clip.

How might they find out more about these? As there is no written evidence from the period, who could tell them if the facts used in making this clip are accurate?

Encourage students to research Mesolithic sites near them. Do these sites tell us similar things to the clip? Are there any differences? Can they explain these?

Encourage students to complete their report using this 'starter': ʺI think life in Mesolithic Britain was... because...ʺ

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be suitable for teaching History at KS2 in England, Foundation Phase and KS2 in Wales, KS1 and KS2 in Northern Ireland.

Also Early 1st and 2nd Level in Scotland.

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