History KS2: Iron Age Britain (animation)

Life in Iron Age Britain shown through the eyes of a typical family as they deal with a raid by another tribe. The impact of the discovery of iron is explored.

An exploration of life in Iron Age Britain through the eyes of a typical family, as they try to decide how to deal with a raid by another tribe attempting to steal their cattle.

Druids, or priests, play an important part in the process of deciding what actions to take.

The impact of the new, and cheaper, stronger, metal on their life is explored in detail.

This is from the series: The Story of Britain

Teacher Notes

This could be used as an introduction to the Iron Age.

Students could be asked to compare the way people lived in the different ages: when do they think it was better to live – the Stone Age, the Bronze Age or the Iron Age?

The clip covers a very long period of time with great changes in the way of life for people in Britain.

What are the biggest changes? What has changed the least?

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be suitable for teaching History at KS2 in England, Foundation Phase and KS2 in Wales, KS1 and KS2 in Northern Ireland.

Also Early 1st and 2nd Level in Scotland.

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