History KS2: Boudica and The Roman Invasion

An exploration of life in Britain at the time of Boudica’s rebellion through the eyes of a typical family.

It's 60AD and the Romans face a serious challenge to their control of Britannia, as the Iceni tribe rebel after the death of Boudica’s father as they try to take over Iceni lands.

The Romans seek to consolidate their control of the country, where some tribes accept them and others resent them.

Boudica takes advantage of the Roman legions being in North Wales, and sets out to overthrow Roman rule.

Our family is caught up in the events of the rebellion.

This is from the series: The Story of Britain

Teacher Notes

An introduction to the Roman invasion and the response of Britain's tribes.

Pupils can be asked to discuss the invasion.

Why should we remember Boudica? Was she a hero or a villain?

Teachers can download several images of Boudica, including the statue of her in Westminster.

What does she look like? How is she shown? How do we know what she looked like? Why do you think she is shown the way she is?

Using the clip, and any other sources they have, students can be asked to decide why Boudica rebelled against the Romans.

They can be tasked with drawing up a timeline of the events of her rebellion.

Why did the rebellion fail? Was Boudica a good leader, in your opinion? Students can hold a class discussion, or produce a poster, to decide whether Boudica was a hero or a villain.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be suitable for teaching History at KS2 in England and Wales and KS1 and KS2 in Northern Ireland.

Also Early 1st and 2nd Level in Scotland.

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