Spanish KS2: Shopping for clothes

Ashleigh, an English school girl, talks to her friends Sara and Cristina in Spain using a tablet.

They are going shopping and they invite her to help them.

After initial confusion over the Spanish for clothes (la ropa), Ashleigh is offered choices and gives her opinion on the clothes they choose.

She remembers that the adjective comes after the noun in Spanish as in la camisa blanca, and learns that the adjective becomes plural when the noun is.

She works out how to say bigger - más grande and laughs with her friends at Cristina’s huge coat.

Teacher Notes

This clip could be used to introduce or revise clothing vocabulary, colours and adjectives.

Pupils could continue with a shopping roleplay or having their own fashion show in class.

In pairs they could try on clothes and give an opinion. For example ‘muy guapo’ (very beautiful), ‘es pequeño’ (it’s small) ‘¡que grande!’ (how big!), ‘me gusta..’ (I like) ‘no me gusta…’ (I don’t like) ‘prefiero’ (I prefer).

Curriculum Notes

This clip is suitable for teaching Key Stage 2, Level 2, or beginners in Spanish of any age.

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