Spanish KS2: Shopping, cooking and preparing food

An English girl watches her Spanish friends, Javier and Sara, via a tablet as they shop for the ingredients of a paella.

Javier and Sara speak only Spanish so Ashleigh repeats and explains key vocabulary.

They first go to el mercado (market) to buy the vegetables and then to la pescadería (fishmongers) to buy the calamares or squid.

They count out the items needed into their bag, ask the price ¿Cuánto es? and pay in euros.

We see footage of the finished paella before Sara and Javier go to buy some typical mazapanes from Toledo to finish the meal.

Teacher Notes

This clip could be used to introduce or revise food and shopping vocabulary.

Pupils could continue with a shopping roleplay, or writing a shopping list in Spanish. They could also talk about the foods they like using the phrases ‘me gusta’ (I like) and ‘me encanta’ (I love).

Curriculum Notes

This clip is suitable for teaching Key Stage 2, Level 2, or beginners in Spanish of any age.

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