Spanish KS2: Playing sports and music

An English schoolgirl, Ashleigh, talks to her Spanish friends, Alejandro, Javier and Sara via a tablet.

Alejandro is “aburrido” (bored) and she tries to help them find something that they would all like to do.

The Spanish children speak only Spanish so Ashleigh repeats and explains key vocabulary.

They try el fútbol (football) but Alejandro “juega mal” (plays badly) and hates it (odio). He also hates el baloncesto (basketball) and despite shouts of ¡venga! he doesn’t want to play. Nor does he want to go swimming.

When asked ¿Qué te gusta hacer? Alejandro wants to “tocar la guitarra” (play the guitar) as he thinks he plays well but the others disagree.

Finally they find that they all enjoy “el teatro” (acting) – “me encanta el teatro” says Alejandro.

Teacher Notes

This clip could be used to introduce or revise vocabulary for leisure activities. Your class could discuss the little words that are used to encourage people to do something like ¡ay! (oh!)and ¡venga! (come one!), negotiate like ¿ahora qué? (now what) ¿un otro juego? (another game) and ways to agree like ¡vale! (ok, agreed).

They could then work in small groups to agree on an activity. Each must give their own opinion and all must agree in the end. Encourage them to use all the phrases so far including opinions, how good or bad they are and phrases like No quiero (I don’t want to).

You could also add pues (well). They could then perform the conversations to the rest of the class.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is suitable for teaching Key Stage 2, Level 2, or beginners in Spanish of any age.

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