Physics KS3 / KS4: Physics with Professor Brian Cox - Forces, speed and motion

This series of short explainer films by Professor Brian Cox comprises six clips focused on forces, speed and motion:

  • Newton’s First Law
  • Hooke’s Law
  • Speed
  • The importance of checking mathematical answers
  • Average speed and distance-time graphs
  • Relative speed

Each clip uses simple terms and concrete examples to explain deep concepts that students often struggle to grasp.

The use of familiar contexts, hooking onto students’ likely prior knowledge, helps to make ideas relevant and engaging.

The clips also focus on sense checking of mathematical answers and applying logic to equations, skills that are generic across all sciences.

These clips will help students to develop ideas of motion at KS3, or to reinforce and revisit at KS4.

They could also support non-specialist teachers in developing their knowledge, understanding and explanations.

1. Newton’s First Law
2. Hooke’s Law
3. An introduction to the speed equation
4. The importance of checking mathematical answers
5. Average speed
6. Relative speed