Science KS1 / KS2: Sorting materials to be recycled

Recycling is very important.

The Earth needs everyone to recycle as much as they can, but which materials can be recycled?

Dr Brain explains how we can identify which everyday materials can be recycled and, with the help of his sorting machine, shows us what each item can be turned into.

This short film is from the BBC series, Ultimate Brain: Mad Lab.

Teacher Notes

Pupils could carry out a similar activity where they have to go through a range of items and group them into different material groups.

Pupils could then discuss how certain groups, such as plastics, can look and feel different to each other.

This could also be used to come up with ideas for each material after it has been recycled, thinking carefully about the properties of the material itself and what purpose it would suit.

Curriculum Notes

These short films are suitable for teaching science at Key Stage 1 and 2 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and First and Second Level in Scotland.

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