Science KS1 & KS2: What is a rabbit warren like?

Chris Packham investigates a deserted rabbit warren that has been filled with concrete to show its shape and structure.

He meets a scientist who describes the complexity of the warren, including a 'rabbit roundabout'.

Tunnels can be used to escape from predators.

Footage taken inside a specially constructed warren is then seen and dominance hierarchies are referred to.

Chris explains that overcrowding results in some rabbits having to leave to find new places to live.

This clip is from the series The Burrowers.

Teacher Notes

Ask students to share in groups what they know about rabbits and how they live in the wild. Do they live alone or in groups? Where do they live?

After watching the clip, the students could create Plaster of Paris casts of footprints in mud or damp sand in order to investigate the scientific techniques being used to study rabbits.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant for teaching Science at KS1 and KS2 in England, Northern Ireland and Wales and at Early and 1st Level in Scotland.

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