Science KS1: Keeping my body healthy

This animation explains the importance of eating well, drinking water, and getting enough exercise and sleep.

It explores the different food groups from the ‘Eat Well Plate’ and explains what each food group does to help the body to work correctly.

It explains that we need different amounts of the varying food groups and that some, if eaten in too great an amount, can cause our bodies harm.

Teacher Notes

This short film is an ideal tool to help pupils to understand the concept of a balanced diet and the things that we need to live healthily.

It can be used alongside plate templates for the pupils to think about their own diet, what it contains and how they could improve it.

It can also provide a discussion point about what eating and living healthily means and what changes we can make to our lives to achieve this.

Points for discussion:
· What is a balanced diet?
· What are food groups?
· What do the food groups do?
· How can we live more healthily?
· How do people’s diets differ, an older person, a baby, an athlete?

Suggested activities:

After watching the film, you could work with pupils to identify what their diet is like currently, at home and in school, and to work out whether it is ‘balanced’.

Pupils can then explore changes that they can make to help improve their diet.

You could plan and carry out cookery activities to help show pupils that balanced diets can be healthy, inexpensive and tasty.

Pupils can experiment and explore how they can make their diet more healthy in an exciting way.

Pupils can investigate how people have different diets.

They can investigate how the diet of an athlete would be different to that of an older person or a baby for example, and can begin to think about why.

From this activity, pupils will start to develop a deeper understanding of what each part of the eat well plate contributes to our lifestyle and bodies.

Curriculum Notes

This short film is relevant for teaching science at KS1 in England and Wales, Foundation and KS1 in Northern Ireland and Early and 1st Level in Scotland.

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