Religious Studies KS2: What is Judaism?

11-year-old Charlie from Manchester introduces the history, traditions and beliefs of the Jewish religion.

Charlie is a member of an Orthodox synagogue, or Shul. Praying with his dad, he experiences a sense of being close to God as well, a spiritual experience. From BBC Series My Life, My Religion: Judaism.

### Teacher Notes

Look with the pupils at both the images in the Manchester synagogue and the footage from the Western Wall. Both of these are places to think deeply.

Draw attention to the practice of writing deep thoughts and pushing the papers into the wall. Tell pupils we are not copying the Jewish custom, but still writing deep thoughts is a good thing to do in RE.

Do they have any deep thoughts about the subjects Charlie mentions, being good, obeying commands, feeling spiritual, praying, feeling close to God?

Invite them to write their deep thoughts about these big and important topics onto separate pieces of paper (you could colour code the five topics) and place them in a special box of some kind.

Tell the pupils this is anonymous, and you will read them, but no one else will know the handwriting. This encourages reflective thinking about big questions: the heart of good RE.

### Curriculum Notes

This topic is relevant to KS2 Religious Education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and National 2 Religious Studies in Scotland.

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