Religious Studies KS2: What is Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights?

Find out about Chanukah through the eyes of 11 year old Solly.

Solly shows us how his family celebrates and gives us a short history of the origin of the tradition.

Hanukkah, also spelt Chanukah, means Festival of Lights.

It is an annual week-long celebration and one of the biggest festivals of the year for Jewish people.

The festival marks the date about two thousand two hundred years ago when the Maccabees recaptured the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and re-dedicated it to Jewish worship.

From BBC Series My Life, My Religion: Judaism.

Teacher Notes

My Life My Religion offers rich possibilities for pupils to learn from similarities and differences between religions.

Look at this clip alongside one from another festival (the series introduces Eid al Fitr in Islam, Easter in Christianity, Vaisakhi in Sikhism or Raksha Bandhan in Hindu tradition) then get pupils to list similarities and difference, then to explain them in detail, and using general words.

Curriculum Notes

This topic is relevant to KS2 Religious Education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and Religious Studies in Scotland.

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