Religious Studies KS2: What is Christianity?

Nathan introduces the Christian religion, followed by over 2 billion people, about one third of the whole world.

He describes how Jesus’ life and death, and belief in his resurrection, make sense of life for Christians.

Lara, a Catholic Christian from Jerusalem, shares her Christian life in a city where many Christians go on pilgrimage.

Many holy sites remind Christians of the last days of Jesus.

This clip is from the series My Life, My Religion: Christianity.

Teacher Notes

Ask pupils before they watch the clip to think about Nathan’s wish to go to Jerusalem one day.

While they are watching, they must choose four things that they think Nathan might do, places to visit and so on, if he was lucky enough to go to Jerusalem as a pilgrim.

When they have seen the clip, they can list the four places they would choose, say what Nathan might think about, remember or learn by going there, and suggest what Lara might tell him about the four places.

Curriculum Notes

This topic will be relevant to teaching Religious Education at KS2 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and National 2 or 3 in Scotland.

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