Religious Studies KS2: Meeting two young British Hindus

Simran is 14 and her brother Vraj is 11.

They follow the Hindu religion.

They tell us about their hobbies and the food they eat.

They believe God is present in all living things, so part of their faith is being vegetarian.

They also believe in rebirth after death. If they live good lives they will have good karma and become one with God instead of continuing to be reborn.

Hindus believe in one God who is present in all living things, but have millions of gods and goddesses that help them to understand God in different ways.

This is from the series: My Life, My Religion - Hinduism

Teacher Notes

KS2: Each pupil could have an identity made up of many pieces, like a jigsaw.

They could be given a blank outline of a jigsaw (6-10 pieces is about right) and ask them to draw a picture of themselves into a piece in the middle.

Then draw and write into the pieces around them signs, symbols and words for their key relationships, most important beliefs, favourite foods, movies, books, friends and places.

It's an identity jigsaw. They could then watch this clip and create an identity jigsaw for Simran and Vraj.

Curriculum Notes

These clips will be relevant for teaching Religious Education at KS2 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and First and Second Level in Scotland.

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