Religious Studies KS2: Diwali - the festival of light

Vraj, who’s 11, and 14-year-old Simran are getting ready for Diwali, the Hindu festival of light which takes place every autumn.

They are cleaning their house, and have laid out their best new clothes to wear. Diwali means “row of lights”, and celebrates the story of Rama and Sita’s return home from 14 years of exile.

It also marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year.

The children will welcome lots of visitors and give and receive presents.

They also make artistic rangoli patterns and place them outside their front door to welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.

The houses and streets are decorated with lights, and we see the children at a firework display and dance show with their parents and friends.

Vraj and Simran talk about their hopes for the year ahead, and ways in which they can become better people.

This is from the series: My Life, My Religion - Hinduism

Teacher Notes

The clip emphasises some of the spiritual meanings suggested in the festivities.

Here are 9 examples for the teacher to pick out with pupils.

  • This is our time to rejoice, so let’s light it up!

  • If you let God into your life then it is going to be lit up!

  • We are celebrating new beginnings!

  • We hope Lakhsmi, the goddess of wealth, will visit.

  • We want her to bless us with good fortune for the year ahead.

  • It's fun. It’s an exciting time.

  • People keep their doors wide open to welcome Lakshmi, to say to the goddess ‘we love you loads, you could just step inside like it's your own home’.

  • I meet with my family and friends, and the Hindu community comes together.

  • It’s time to express hopes for the new year: My hopes for the new year would be to be a better person, to get my grades, to share with others, to behave nicely, to take care of others, not only me, to keep my mood right.

  • You must have light in your life to see anything and to move anywhere.

Curriculum Notes

These clips will be relevant for teaching Religious Education at KS2 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and First and Second Level in Scotland.

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