Religious Studies KS2: Like as a young Sikh girl

Simran is 11 and is a proud Sikh. She likes to read and play the euphonium.

Her favourite things are music and books. She tells us that she is proud to be a Sikh because all the Sikhs are like a brotherhood and sisterhood, so it's a blessing to learn that Sikhs are to serve one another and all humanity.

This introductory clip is about identity and community, two big RE themes.

Teacher Notes

Pupils could be asked if they could show their life as a jigsaw of 6 pieces, fitted together, what six things they would put onto each of the pieces? Self? Family? Friends? Pets? Particular places? Favorite foods? Sports? Top films or books? A hobby they love? An ambition? Ask them to make this jigsaw and expand beyond 6 pieces if they wish.

Talk about how our identities are made up of the things we love, care about, give time to and enjoy.

Ask them to watch this clip of Simran and make her jigsaw. What are the different things that make up her identity?

Discuss with the class the fact that some people have a strong religious identity, but for others different things matter. Consider these questions:

How much is our identity to do with other people, with our community?
How and why does our identity change and grow?
Are beliefs and values important in our identity?

This would also be a good opportunity to get your pupils thinking about the video they would make if, like Simran, they had been given a video diary opportunity. How would they express their sense of identity and belonging?

Curriculum Notes

This topic will be relevant to teaching Religious Education at KS2 or KS3 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and National 2 or 3 in Scotland.

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