Religious Studies KS2: Christian Worship

How do Christians worship? Singing is an important part of Church life for Christians. We see different types of Christians worship including a Cathedral choir and an Evangelical congregation.

Different types of Christians worship in different ways and singing is an important part of many Church services.

Christians believe that singing helps them communicate with God.

It enables them to express many emotions including thanks, joy and sorrow.

Many Churches have choirs who lead the congregation in song.

We meet young choristers from the Roman Catholic Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral who use traditional music and wear matching dress.

We also meet 12 year old Kirsty who attends Temple Praise, a Charismatic church.

She talks about how much fun she has singing and dancing to the music.

This clip is from the series My Life, My Religion: Christianity.

Teacher Notes

The visuals and soundtrack of this clip are worth close attention: ask pupils what music they like best in the clip, and why.

Play some examples of musical worship from different traditions and challenge the children: why is this music used by some people to worship God?

What does the music mean? What moods and emotions seem to go with the music?

Ask pupils if they had to choose some music that was spiritual (for them?) what would they choose for emotions like joy, thinking deeply, sad times, togetherness or wonder.

Curriculum Notes

This topic will be relevant to teaching Religious Education at KS2 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and National 2 or 3 in Scotland.

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