Religious Studies KS2: Celebrating Passover (Pesach)

10-year-old Solly from Manchester uses his own video camera to share the experience of his family preparing for the festival of Passover.

We see preparations for this major Jewish festival, and hear about its origins. Passover remembers Exodus, the time when Moses led the Jewish people out of Egypt.

We are also introduced to typical food and drink such as charoset, karpas, unleavened bread and seder wine. From BBC Series My Life, My Religion: Judaism.

### Teacher Notes

Some believe religions teach their followers a way to be free. This is a big idea, but 7-11s will find it interesting to explore Passover as a festival of freedom.

You could begin with these questions: Who was set free? Who by? How? Why? What makes it worth remembering?

Then ask the pupils to think about who needs freedom in today’s world, and what kinds of freedom they look forward to as they grow up.

### Curriculum Notes

This topic is relevant to KS2 Religious Education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and National 2 Religious Studies in Scotland.

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