Religious Studies KS2: Baptism

We find out about baptism and what it means to young Christians.

Baptism is a ceremony that symbolises a commitment to living a life as a Christian.

Jesus was baptised in the New Testament by John the Baptist.

Holy water is put on baptised people by a church leader as a symbol of being cleansed and made ready for a new life for God.

We see how baptism is different for different types of Christians.

Some are baptised as babies, while others chose to be baptised later in life.

We follow the journey of 12 year old Ben, who we see being immersed in a ceremony at the Lighthouse Church.

This clip is from the series My Life, My Religion: Christianity.

Teacher Notes

Read the new testament account of Jesus being baptised with the pupils from one of the gospels.

Pupils could be asked if they can see how the trinity is connected to the baptism of Jesus (dove, voice, Jesus). Look at art works - such as the one in the clip - about this Bible story.

Ask pupils to identify and describe 5 or more connections between the Bible story and the clip.

Curriculum Notes

This topic will be relevant to teaching Religious Education at KS2 or KS3 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 2nd and 3rd Level in Scotland.

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