Religious Studies KS1: The Christian Story of the Good Samaritan and the Lost Sheep

Part of a series of animated films teaching pupils about religions of the world.

This film focuses on Christianity, and narrates the story of the Good Samaritan & the Lost Sheep.

This film tells the story of man robbed and left by the road and the kind Samaritan who looked after him, and the lost sheep who was found and recovered to the flock.

The film is bright and colourful and immerses the pupils in the story through a clear, friendly narrative.

This clip is from the series Religions of the World.

Teacher Notes

This could be used to discuss how it feels when you lose something special.

How long would you spend looking for a lost toy?

Teachers could create puppets for the characters in the stories and ask the pupils to retell the stories in groups.

They could discuss the idea of loving our neighbour. Who is our neighbour?

Pupils could draw some ideas of people who are our 'neighbours', who we might be able to help, in a local and global sense (e.g. refugees, homeless people).

Curriculum Notes

This short film will be relevant for teaching KS1 religious education in England and Northern Ireland, Foundation Phase in Wales, and Early and 1st Level Religious and Moral Education in Scotland.

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