Religious Studies KS3: Z is for Zoroastrianism and other smaller religions

Did you know that as many as 4200 fully formed religions are practiced in the world today?

This irreverent, animated short film concludes the 'A to Z of Religion and Beliefs' series by taking a look at some lesser known faiths.

In particular, Zoroastrianism, Jainism and the Baha’i faith are explored; showing that the age old quest for truth and meaning can take many shapes and forms.

This is from the series: A-Z of Religion and Beliefs

Teacher Notes

You could ask your pupils to discuss the Baha’i faith and whether they believe that all religions worship the same god.

You could also ask your pupils to research a lesser known religion and write a short essay about it.

Curriculum Notes

This short film will be relevant for teaching KS3 Religious Studies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 3rd and 4th Level Religious and Moral Education in Scotland.

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