Religious Studies KS3: R is for Rituals

Why are rituals so important to religion? This short animated film explores the fundamental role that religious ritual plays in bringing people together, marking important transitions in life and creating a sense of community.

Irreverent and fast paced, this summary will teach students about daily rites, ceremonies and pilgrimages, using examples drawn from Judaism, Islam, Christianity and Hinduism.

This is from the series: A-Z of Religion and Beliefs

Teacher Notes

You could ask your pupils to discuss in groups what they think about the relationship between religion and community.

You could also ask them to research sites of pilgrimage across the world.

Curriculum Notes

This short film will be relevant for teaching KS3 Religious Studies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 3rd and 4th Level Religious and Moral Education in Scotland.

Q is for Qur’an and other holy books
S is for Saints
T is for Temples