Religious Studies KS3: H is for Heaven, Hell and Other Afterlives

Is there life after death? According to most religions, the answer is yes, and each faith is quite specific about the sort of afterlife you can expect.

This short and lively animated film provides a helpful summary of what different religions have to say about the matter.

Students will be introduced to the various interpretations of Heaven and Hell found across the Christian faith, and the differences and similarities they share with their Islamic counterparts.

The Buddhist concepts of reincarnation and nirvana are also explored.

Students will learn that most religions agree on one thing: what happens to the soul after the body dies is not random, but a result of the choices we make when we are alive.

This is from the series: A-Z of Religion and Beliefs

Teacher Notes

This could be used to introduce a discussion with your pupils about the possible different interpretations of Heaven and Hell found across the Christian Faith.

Students could compare and contrast Christian and Islamic ideas of the afterlife and research the Buddhist concepts of suffering, reincarnation and nirvana.

Curriculum Notes

This short film will be relevant for teaching KS3 Religious Studies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 3rd and 4th Level Religious and Moral Education in Scotland.

G is for Goddesses
I is for idols and icons
J is for Jesus