Religious Studies KS3: B is for Burkas and religious clothing

Explaining how items such as the kippah and the turban can strengthen beliefs and communities, this playful animation introduces the topic of religious clothing.

These special garments can remind the wearer and others of what they believe in and who they are, sometimes causing controversy in the process.

By talking through the different interpretations of what the Quran says about modesty, this short film shows that being free to choose what you wear is far from a shallow concern; it can be at the heart of your religious experience.

This is from the series: A-Z of Religion and Beliefs

Teacher Notes

You could ask your pupils to talk about the significance of the Kippah and the Sikh Turban.

Pupils could talk about what the Quran says about a woman’s clothes and discuss the importance of modesty in Christianity and Islam.

Curriculum Notes

This short film will be relevant for teaching KS3 Religious Studies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 3rd and 4th Level Religious and Moral Education in Scotland.

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