Religious Studies KS2: Prayer in Islam

The Muslim prayer ritual is performed five times a day, always facing in the direction of Mecca.

Twelve-year-old Kaisan demonstrates his prayer positions and describes how praying gives him a feeling of connection to Allah, and to all the other Muslims around the world.

We see Muslims taking part all over the world - ask pupils to look out for people from different continents as they watch.

This is from the series: My Life, My Religion - Islam

Teacher Notes

Teach pupils, through the clip, why Muslims follow the second of their Five Pillars of faith every day by praying, and why it inspires them to say things like: 'When I pray, it reminds me to be thankful.

'In the prayer, I ask Allah to guide me. I believe he listens to every prayer.'

'I actually like to pray even in the early morning, because it reminds me of the most important things in life, and not to be selfish every day.'

Curriculum Notes

These clips will be relevant for teaching Religious Education at KS2 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and First and Second Level in Scotland.

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