PSHE KS3: Ethan - Keep learning

Ethan has cerebral palsy, a medical condition that affects his movement and coordination. He's also an adaptive surfer and is training to go to the world adaptive championships in California. In this short film Ethan shares his experiences of using a growth mindset to learn new things.

Teacher Notes

You can keep your brain growing by continuing to learn new skills.

This is called neuroplasticity.

The more you practise something, the stronger the connections in the brain become.

When you learn something new, it can also help to give your wellbeing a boost.

Mastering a new skill can help you to feel motivated and positive.

Using the film

This is one of five filmed interviews about wellbeing and developing a growth mindset.

They can be shown in any order and are designed to encourage students to think about their own wellbeing, and how they can learn to build good habits to support their mental health and develop a positive attitude.

Classroom Ideas

  • Students are learning every day at school in the classroom, but what other sorts of learning do they do?

  • Encourage students to have discussions about what they learn from their hobbies or the activities they do outside school.

  • Explore the idea of neuroplasticity and explain how the brain changes when people learn new things.

  • Encourage them to reflect on skills and abilities they have developed that were hard to begin with.

  • For example, how was it the first time they rode a bike or tried to write their name? What helped them to improve?

  • Ask your students to write about the things they would like to learn to do but haven’t mastered yet. What are the small steps they can take to keep working towards these goals?

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