PSHE KS3: Kristana - Be active

In this short film Kristana explains how weightlifting has helped her to feel better about herself, develop confidence in school and overcome challenges.

We hear about the positive effect that being active can have on our wellbeing, and how demonstrating a growth mindset can help us to learn new skills and grow our brains.

Teacher Notes

Exercise is anything that gets your body active and makes you a bit out of breath.

It's good for both your body and your mind.

Children need to exercise for about 60 minutes each day (but it doesn’t have to be all at one time).

Exercise helps you to feel good about yourself; encourages a better night’s sleep; helps you concentrate on work; helps you keep positive; and helps your body build healthy bones, muscles and joints.

When you exercise it releases little ‘feel good’ signals in your brain and gives you a positive boost.

Using the film

This is one of five films about wellbeing and developing a growth mindset.

They can be shown in any order and are designed to encourage students to think about their own wellbeing, and how they can learn to build good habits to support their mental health and develop a positive attitude.

Classroom ideas:

  • Start a group discussion about being active and the positive impact it can have on wellbeing.

  • Design a poster with all the different ways you can exercise.

  • Try writing about which exercises you love to do, and how they make you feel during and afterwards.

  • Explore how music helps us to keep active. What types of music inspire you to move your body?

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