PSHE KS3: Rachel - Take notice

In this short film Rachel shares how she takes notice of the issues that are happening around her and how she tries to make a positive change.

Teacher Notes

Taking notice of the people, issues, occurrences and things around you can help you to be in the present moment, taking notice of the ‘here and now’.

Savouring a positive experience can help to increase feelings of positivity.

Reflecting on your own thoughts and feelings will help you appreciate what really matters.

Speaking out for the things you believe in can increase your wellbeing - feeling good and doing good are closely connected.

Using the film

This is one of five filmed interview about wellbeing and developing a growth mindset.

They can be shown in any order and are designed to encourage students to think about their own wellbeing, and how they can learn to build good habits to support their mental health and develop a positive attitude.

Classroom Ideas

  • Start a group discussion about people in the public eye that have taken notice to help make a change.

  • Discuss the different ways in which we can take notice to bring ourselves to the present moment.

  • Try a mindfulness exercise to encourage pupils to notice their breath.

  • Have a ‘take notice’ walk around the school and see if pupils can spot things they’ve never noticed before.

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