PSHE KS3 & KS4/GCSE: Children working in Russian circuses (pt 3/3)

Zachariah Fletcher, a 21-year-old actor whose parents were circus performers, travels to Kharkov in Ukraine where he joins Russian circus family the Averyushkins on tour.

Zach meets 11-year-old Dacham whose acrobat parents won't let her join the circus until after she has finished school and 29-year-old Albina, who broke four generations of tradition and left the circus to start her own family.

Finally, Zach is transformed into a clown to join Artem on stage in his unicycle act. Zach asks whether circus life and family life really are compatible with each other.

This clip is from the series Children at Work: Circus.

Teacher Notes

Students could be encouraged to watch the clip as one of the key people involved in the debate about the ethics of circuses and child labour.

They could then use the clip to formulate the contribution their character might make to a debate about the issue and follow on with a formal or informal debate.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant for teaching PSHE at KS3 and GCSE. This topic appears in Edexcel, AQA, KS3 and GCSE in England and Wales, CCEA GCSE in Northern Ireland, and SQA National 4 and 5 in Scotland.

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