PSHE KS3 / GCSE: The unrealistic nature of media images

This film illustrates the unrealistic nature of media images in a tour of the people, time and effort required to take one 'hot' shot.

Presenter DJ Goldierocks volunteers herself as our model and guide to demonstrate the wardrobe, hair and makeup involved in preparation for a photoshoot.

We then get an insider's view of the photographic tricks and computer techniques used to create a 'perfect' magazine image.

We see so many airbrushed images of models and celebrities on a daily basis, and we know that exposure to these images makes young people feel bad about themselves.

This makes us realise that, when so much time, effort and trickery has gone into generating these images, we really shouldn't be comparing ourselves to them.

This clip is from the series Your Body , Your Image.

Teacher Notes

Prior to watching the clip, pupils could all be given a copy of the final picture of Sam, by print screening the image from the clip.

Pupils could be asked what the model has done in order to look the way she does and could list the things that they believe may have been altered or prepared prior to the shoot being done.

Pupils could then watch the clip and recap on their original list.

They will find that there is substantially more in reality than they had thought of.

This could then lead to pupils writing letters to magazines explaining to them why it is wrong to create such faked images and the impression that it gives to young teenagers.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant for teaching Modern Studies and PSHE at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 and National 4 and 5.