PSHE KS3 / KS4: Financial Literacy

Steph McGovern breaks down some key areas of study for the topic of financial literacy.

These four short films will provide secondary students with a good understanding of credit, debt, pensions and how interest and taxation works.

These short films are suitable for teaching financial literacy at:

  • Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 in England (Citizenship and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education)
  • Wales (Mathematical Development and Personal and Social Education)
  • Northern Ireland (Mathematics and Numeracy and Learning For Life and Work)
  • Third and Fourth Level and the Senior Phase in Scotland (Mathematics and Numeracy, Social Studies and Learning, Life and Work).
Pensions: Where do you get money from when you stop working?
Credit and Debt: What happens when you borrow money?
Interest: How does compound interest work?
Tax: Who pays for schools and hospitals?