PSHE KS2: The Brain Lab

A collection of short films on mindset and mindfulness. Five of the films introduce us to one of the five steps to wellbeing, with the sixth film 'The Brain House' using animation to look at what is happening inside our brain when we feel 'big' emotions. The final film is a guide for teachers which introduces the concept of mindsets and mindfulness, and suggests ways the films can be used in class.

The films explore the five steps to wellbeing:

Connect with others

Be active

Give to others

Take notice

Keep learning

Suitable for: PSHE KS2 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 2nd Level in Scotland.

Dan - Connect with others
Kristana - Be active
Mjd - Give to others
Rachel - Take notice
Ethan - Keep learning
The Brain House
Introducing 'The Brain Lab' - Teacher's guide