PSHE KS2: Problems with a bad reputation

In the first of a sequence of two clips featuring Joe's first term at secondary school, he quickly realises he has inherited his brother's bad reputation.

This leads to people treating Joe differently, first some older students and later a teacher who doesn't appear to be giving Joe a chance.

He is seen to be unfair to Joe and it is clear that the teacher did not have a positive relationship with his elder brother.

Joe doesn't help the situation by arriving late and being cheeky. How can he resolve things?

This clip is from the series L8R Youngers 2, exploring the issues faced by a group of young friends.

Teacher Notes

Students could discuss the way in which Joe was treated by the different teachers and other students in school.

They could explore his treatment from Miss Khan, Mr Drew, the footballer boys, girls in the corridor, school captain, and classmates in English.

Students could organise these groups of people into those who treated Joe fairly and those who did not.

They could consider the reasons behind those who treated him unfairly.

What affect is Joe’s brother having on his education? How could this be tackled?

Students could also explore how Joe might be feeling in these different situations.

They could create a timeline of Joe’s day in school which not only records the main events, but also a progression in Joe’s feelings and emotions.

Students could begin to consider how Joe could have dealt with these situations differently by role-playing the events.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching PSHE and Modern Studies at KS2 in England and Northern Ireland, PSE at KS2 in Wales and First Level and Second Level in Scotland.

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