PSHE KS2: Pressure from bullies

It is week two of Shanice's first term at secondary school and her mum wants her to concentrate and do well.

However, Shanice is pressured by Lauren into fooling around and being the centre of attention in class.

Is this compatible with being seen to be conscientious with her work?

Lauren's influence over Shanice strengthens when she convinces her not to hand in the homework she has worked hard on.

Her mum and friend Julie try to convince her to work hard and ignore the bullies but she pushes them away in order to impress Lauren.

This clip is from the series L8R Youngers 2, exploring the issues faced by a group of young friends.

Student could brainstorm what they are looking forward to about moving to secondary school and what they are not sure or concerned about, compiling two lists and discussing them.

Consider why keeping up with school work is important at secondary school.

Students could explore Shanice's dilemma with her classmates.

Why doesn’t Lauren want Shanice to hand in her homework? What would they do in Shanice’s place?

Ask the students what bullying behaviour is.

The students could consider strategies for responding to, and managing, bullying behaviour.

Emphasise the importance of telling someone if students witness bullying behaviour as doing nothing can perpetuate bullying.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching PSHE and Modern Studies at KS2 in England and Northern Ireland, PSE at KS2 in Wales and First Level and Second Level in Scotland.

Coping with reading difficulties
Balancing new and long standing relationships
Problems with a bad reputation
Problems at home affecting life at school
Support from friends against bullies