PSHE KS2: Balancing new and long standing relationships

Starting at secondary school presents challenges for Eli that he didn't expect.

He wants to keep his old friendship with Joe but they're in different classes now.

When Joe suggests that they meet for football, Eli is preoccupied with new friends from his own class.

Eli arranges to meet Joe and then forgets to turn up. He is confused.

He wants to keep his friendship with Joe and he wants to grow friendships with his new friends but how can he balance the two?

This clip is from the series L8R Youngers 2, exploring the issues faced by a group of young friends.

Teacher Notes

This clip could be used by students who are about to transition to secondary school in order to help them understand how to manage changing relationships and friendships.

Students could discuss how Joe and Eli feel as they realise their friendship is changing.

How would students feel in this situation?

They could consider the two different points of view, is one particular boy in the wrong?

Students could also discuss what will happen if they continue to act this way.

In order to explore how the situation could be resolved, students could role-play the three different encounters in this clip, and explore how each person could have acted differently to improve the outcome.

Students could create their own action plan for how they are going to maintain important friendships when they go to secondary school, for example they could set a target of spending one lunchtime every week with friends from primary school, or joining a club together so they continue to have something in common.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching PSHE and Modern Studies at KS2 in England and Northern Ireland, PSE at KS2 in Wales and First Level and Second Level in Scotland.

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