PSHE KS2: A brother's involvement with drugs

Joe is worried his brother might be involved with drugs.

His fears are realised when friends discover his brother's stash of drugs in his bedroom.

This raises a number of issues for Joe - his loyalty and love for his brother, his compromised position now he is indirectly involved with drug-dealing and his brother's lies, as well as the possibility of family conflict and renewed bullying at school.

This clip is from the series L8R Youngers 1, exploring the issues faced by a group of young school friends.

Teacher Notes

Students could be asked to explore the impact that Joe’s brother's involvement with drugs could have, not only on himself but also on Joe and his family.

They could consider what possible courses of action Joe could take to avoid these consequences.

Students could create a list of three or four possible courses of action and then debate the pros and cons of each, and decide on what they would do in his situation.

Students could also explore who they can talk to about drugs or simply ask questions and share concerns.

Alternatively they could research websites and community groups that could give them support and information.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching PSHE and Modern Studies at KS2 in England and Northern Ireland, PSE at KS2 in Wales and First Level and Second Level in Scotland.

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