PSHE KS2 / KS3: A career as a film director

Vicky, a young feature-film maker, directs a skydiving stunt for her latest film.

The skydiver is her friend Fran, who she met in secondary school.

She reveals some of the tricks of the trade and explains what makes a good director.

Vicky describes how important it is to capture the shot of the skydive and fortunately it's a good one for her film.

Teacher Notes

Vicky developed her passion for filmmaking, by making films with her friends at school. Students could discuss how hobbies and interests at school could be helpful in developing a career.

Encourage students to think not only of making a hobby into a career, such as a football, but also think how the skills they are developing could be useful one day.

Challenge students to create a mind map, with their hobby in the centre and the skills, knowledge and attributes they are gaining.

They could then work in pairs and each take turns in the role of a careers advisor.

Looking at their partner’s mind map, each career advisor could be challenged to think of three possible jobs this person could do.

Alternatively, students could use this clip to explore the wide variety of careers in the film industry. Students could watch the credits of a film and note down some of the roles that appear.

Ask students to choose those that they have little knowledge of, or that sound interesting.

Working in groups they could then be challenged to research this career and create a poster in order to display their findings.

The posters could then be used to create a classroom display.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching Modern Studies or Media Studies.

This topic appears in KS2/KS3/KS4/GCSE in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 2nd level in Scotland.