PSHE KS2 / KS3: Becoming a record-breaking yachtswoman

Record-breaking round-the-world yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur talks about her life in order to inspire others to recognise their own passions and talents.

As a four-year-old in Derbyshire, living far from water, Ellen dreamt of the sea and owning her own boat.

She saved all of her dinner and birthday money for years to buy her first, second and third boat, but still never imagined she could live out her fantasy as world-leader in sailing.

Then, bed-ridden with glandular fever and watching a boat race at 3am, teenage inspiration struck.

She would sail around the world.

Ellen has achieved more than most people could imagine already, yet her message to others remains "the most incredible thing is yet to come."

Teacher Notes

Students could research news articles and reports on Ellen’s record-breaking journey, and consider how she felt as she sailed back into port having achieved her lifelong goal.

Students could recreate one of the pictures of this event in art and annotate with thought bubbles to describe her feelings.

Students could then contrast this with feelings she may have had whilst training, or when alone in rough waters.

They could consider whether Ellen would say the tough times were worth it because she achieved her goal.

Is it normal or necessary to experience hardship in order to achieve great success?

Students could set themselves a target for their school year or term and create a plan for how they will achieve it.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching KS2/KS3 PSHE and Citizenship in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and 2nd level Health and wellbeing in Scotland.