PSHE KS2 / KS3: A spot of bother

Lara and her friends are very excited when her friend Deon invites her to go on a cycle ride with him, but Lara develops a big spot that makes her very self conscious.

Monica and Akira try everything they can to help her, from spot remedies to make up, but nothing works and Lara refuses to leave the house.

Meanwhile, Tony and Gabriel are worried that Lara has started dating, and fears that the girls in their group will soon forget them.

They try and meet some new female friends, but it doesn't go well.

Akira and Monica arrive and Tony is reassured that his friends won’t leave him behind.

Lara is about to cancel her date when she realises that Deon also has a large spot.

This gives Lara a sudden confidence boost she needs to join Deon on the trip.

Quiz questions throughout the clip ask pupils to consider if they would accept a date if they were asked, if they would go out with someone if they had a spot, and how they would deal with spots.

This clip is from the series Ask Lara.

Teacher Notes

Can be used as a platform to discuss a range of personal hygiene issues and, importantly, can also be employed to discuss confidence and self-esteem.

Another area of potential is to generate discussion about when the ‘right time’ to date is.

This clip could be used to explore issues around dating, adolescent friendship changes and it also touches on body image and self-image.

At 2 minutes 50 seconds, the A, B, C quiz could be used as a discussion prompt.

The class could be split into groups and asked to watch the clip from the perspective of the different characters.

Key questions could be devised to encourage students to record how their character might feel at different points throughout the clip.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is suitable for teaching Modern Studies/PSHE/PDE at KS2 and KS3 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 2nd and 3rd Level in Scotland.