PSHE KS4: Is this sexual harassment?

A specially written drama in three parts tells the story of a professional relationship between a man and woman at work, which involves an accusation of sexual harassment and an employment tribunal hearing.

Each film is accompanied by a separate discussion piece hosted by journalist and presenter Ben Zand, and brings together 20 people aged 18 to 30 to examine how they understand the rules of behaviour in the workplace.

Over the course of two days, the group watch the drama and are given the opportunity to vote on the behaviour displayed, judging whether they believe it is offensive or unwanted.

Following the final film and discussion the group take a vote on whether they believe it constitutes sexual harassment.

The discussion group also hear directly from people whose lives have been affected by sexual harassment, a man who was the subject of a false accusation of harassment, a woman who was harassed at work and a barrister who lays down the law and answers the question posed by the drama - is this sexual harassment?

Part 1 - The Bar
Part 2 - Two Weeks Later
Part 3 - The Prosecution