PSHE EYFS / KS1: Feeling Better - Happy

Dr Radha Modgil is joined by her two puppet friends, Ben and Breagha, to find out all about what it's like to feel happy.

They also also explain that we don't always feel happy and explore what to do if you are feeling unhappy.

This clip is from the series Feeling Better.

Teacher Notes

You could split your class up into smaller groups and get them to take it in turns to share what they like to do most when they are happy.

The rest of the group could then join them in doing the thing that makes them happy - e.g. cheering, laughing, jumping on the spot.

You could also ask them to think of things they could do to help their friends feel better when they are feeling unhappy.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant for use with children at Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and Scotland.

It is also suitable for teaching PSHE at KS1 and Health and Wellbeing at Early and 1st Level.

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