PSHE / Citizenship / Computing GCSE: Online Gaming

Online gamer Pixlriffs talks about some potential dangers to look out for when gaming online, as well as the things you can do to protect yourself.

The issue of online gambling is also touched on and examples are given of the things that may not feel like gambling but can result in the loss of significant sums of money.

The top tips section at the end should provide useful take-away points for students.

Teacher Notes

One way of using this short film could be as part of a larger unit on the benefits and dangers of the internet.

Students could list benefits and risks prior to watching the film and then watch the film through, adding to their initial lists.

Students could use the top tips to write a story about a young person who gets into difficulties with online gaming and then manages to get out.

Alternatively, they could create a leaflet or poster designed for their age group or younger that can be put up in the school or even in local primary schools.

Students could identify the games they play themselves and any parts of the games that they think could have an element of risk.

This could be done both before and after watching the film to identify particular learning points.

Links to new statutory RSE and HE curriculum (secondary)

Pupils should be taught the rules and principles for keeping safe online.

This will include how to recognise risks, harmful content and contact, and how and to whom to report issues.

Internet safety and harms: pupils should know the risks related to online gambling including the accumulation of debt, how advertising and information is targeted at them and how to be a discerning consumer of information online

Other subject areas

This short film could be used across other subject areas such as media studies or computing.

In computing, students could design a game that highlights its risks to the players after they have watched the film. They could also rate different online games according to how much risk they carry.

In media studies this film could be linked to a topic on age classifications and the age rating of different games could be checked and assessed based on the information from the film.

Curriculum Notes

This series touches on elements of PSHE, citizenship and computing at GCSE in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and National 4 and 5 in Scotland.

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