PSHE / Computing GCSE: Digital Footprint

This short film demonstrates that what you post online can follow you in real life, via two real life cast studies.

The issue of location sharing is discussed and the permanent nature of what we put online is highlighted.

The top tips section at the end should provide useful take-away points for students.

Teacher Notes

This short film could be used as an assembly or short registration activity that provides students with information about their digital footprint.

Students could then be asked to see what they can find out about what exists about them online to discuss in a lesson.

This search could also be carried out in a computing lesson to demonstrate what information is held about them.

Your students could develop guidelines for younger pupils about how to manage their social media profiles so that it reflects them in the way they want it to.

They could include examples from the stories in this short film and the top tips section to help them to structure their advice.

The film could also be used as a starting task to link in to other areas such as online security.

Links to new statutory RSE and HE curriculum (secondary)

Pupils should have a strong understanding of how data is generated, collected, shared and used online, for example, how personal data is captured on social media or understanding the way that businesses may exploit the data available to them.

Online and media: pupils should know their rights, responsibilities and opportunities online, including that the same expectations of behaviour apply in all contexts, including online; pupils should know about online risks, including that any material someone provides to another has the potential to be shared online and the difficulty of removing potentially compromising material placed online; not to provide material to others that they would not want shared further and not to share personal material which is sent to them; how information and data is generated, collected, shared and used online.

Other subject areas

This short film could be used across other subject areas such as careers or English.

Within a careers session you could focus on applying for work and think of questions asked in a job interview about what employers have found out about a person online. Your class could watch this short film and then conduct mock interviews where this work behaviour (or other things that students make up based on the kinds of things they might post) is brought up.

In English students could write a story based on the idea of location sharing and what might happen when everyone knows where you are or what you are doing.

Curriculum Notes

This series touches on elements of PSHE, citizenship and computing at GCSE in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and National 4 and 5 in Scotland.

This film addresses statutory content around online and media behaviours.

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