PSHE / Citizenship / Computing GCSE: Copyright and Ownership

Sanah Ahsan, a spoken word poet who frequently shares her work online, talks about the dos and don'ts of sharing content, as well as what is meant by intellectual property.

Legal issues around intellectual property are discussed alongside moral issues of copying other people’s work and safety issues involving the accidental downloading of viruses.

The top tips section at the end should provide useful take-away points for students.

Teacher Notes

Students could use this short film to compare the differences between physical theft and intellectual theft.

Students could watch the film and complete a piece of creative writing which takes the point of view of someone who has had their work ‘stolen’ from the internet by another person.

This allows students to understand the real-world consequences of plagiarism.

Students could identify the positives and negatives of sharing work online.

They could then debate the morality of downloading content from the internet such as movies, books or music with each half of the class taking a different side.

Students could also create a quiz based on the content in the film.

Links to new statutory RSE and HE curriculum (secondary)

Online and media: pupils should know their rights, responsibilities and opportunities online, including that the same expectations of behaviour apply in all contexts, including online.

Other subject areas

This short film could be used across other subject areas such as citizenship or business studies.

Through citizenship lessons a legal focus can be taken. Students could research intellectual property law, what it is and the consequences for breaking the law.

In business studies students can use the film as a stimulus for talking about the impact of copyright infringement on markets and businesses.

Curriculum Notes

This series touches on elements of PSHE, citizenship and computing at GCSE in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and National 4 and 5 in Scotland.

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