PSHE/Citizenship: The Glasgow Girls' Stories: The Drama

WARNING: Contains some scenes which some viewers may find upsetting.

In 2005, the lives of seven 15 year old school girls from Drumchapel High School in Glasgow changed forever when one of them, Agnesa Mursulaj, was removed in a dawn raid carried out by UK immigration authorities.

Agnesa and her family had been settled in Scotland for five years.

They were seeking asylum since fleeing their homeland of Kosovo, where their lives were in danger due to their Roma ethnicity.

Devastated by her sudden disappearance, Agnesa’s friends began a vigorous campaign against the UK Government, to stop her deportation and put an end to dawn raids involving children.

Their inspirational story has since been the catalyst for two BBC documentaries, a National Theatre of Scotland musical and a BBC drama.

Ten years on The Glasgow Girls are back together to reflect on all the different ways their story has been told.

This clip is from the series The Glasgow Girls' Stories.

Teacher Notes

This clip could be used as an introduction to the overall topics/themes of Global Citizenship, Social Justice, Immigration, Deportation, Activism, Political Engagement. It could also be used to introduce students to ideas around individual and community identity.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching PSHE and Citizenship at KS4 and GCSE in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and National 4/5 or Higher in Scotland.

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