PSHE/Citizenship GCSE: Rape - Natalie's story of being gang raped

Pips Taylor investigates gang rape and speaks to Natalie who was 16 when she experienced gang rape at the hand of a group of boys who she thought were her friends.

Natalie reported the attack and the police investigated.

However, her case was dropped shortly before the trial, a decision taken by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Natalie describes how she felt after the attack and how her mental and emotional health suffered.

Pips also speaks to a police force that has a specially trained team to deal with rape in an effort to improve reporting and prosecution rates.

Pips ends by asking "How can the police encourage more women to report rape?"

This series contains some sexual content and upsetting scenes. Teacher review recommended prior to use in class.

This clip is from the series I Never Said Yes.

Teacher Notes

Students could research Operation Bluestone and write a letter to their local MP explaining why services such as this should be available in police forces across the country.

The clip could also be used to stimulate discussion on risk, and how to identify negative and abusive relationships.

Pupils could go on to discuss and list what makes a positive relationship.

A follow up activity could be to create an improvised role-play showing what makes a positive relationship.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is suitable for teaching PSHE and Citizenship at GCSE/KS4 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and National 4 in Scotland.

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