PSHE/Citizenship KS3 & GCSE: Mock criminal trial (3/6) - Court reporting and further witnesses

A live criminal justice case based on a Joint Enterprise crime committed by a teenager, with all parts played by teenagers.

The role of both the court artist and the court reporter are explored and the concept 'contempt of court' is introduced.

The second prosecution witness, PC Russell, gives his testimony and undergoes cross examination.

There is further testimony from a forensic scientist about the case.

Teacher Notes

Students could write a report in the style outlined by the court reporter, about the case presented in the clip.

Students could also be given the option of drawing the court room scene using the information given by the court artist.

Students could then discuss these ways of representing what happens in court. Do the students think that TV cameras should be allowed into all UK courtrooms? Why do students think that cameras are not allowed free access at the moment?

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching classes about law and justice in the UK. It will be suitable for ages 11-16.

Suitable for: KS3, GCSE/KS4 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and National 3, National 4 and National 5 in Scotland.

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