PSHE/Citizenship KS3 & GCSE: Pregnant and homeless in San Francisco - Starr's story

Starr is pregnant, and her husband and two children are living in a hostel for the homeless.

Living in the USA, one of the richest countries in the world, Starr explains how she was born into poverty and has ended up pregnant and homeless.

We see Starr give birth to her baby and ask questions about her baby's future in an unequal country.

We also meet the director of a charity who describes the growing problem of homeless pregnant women in the USA.

This clip is from Welcome to the World.

Teacher Notes

Prior to viewing, students can brainstorm their ideas about the USA and its people.

This can then be compared with Starr's experiences. Issues about the differences between inequality and poverty and whether they are related can also be raised.

The likelihood of Starr's baby also being in poverty can be discussed.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching Citizenship and PSHE at KS3 and GCSE Level. This topic appears in OCR, Edexcel, AQA, WJEC in England and Wales, CCEA GCSE in Northern Ireland and SQA National 3/4 in Scotland.

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