Physics KS3 / KS4: Physics with Professor Brian Cox - Space Science

This series of short explainer films by Professor Brian Cox comprises six clips focused on space physics and includes

  • Day, night and seasons

  • Light years

  • The Milky Way

  • Moons in the solar system

  • The solar system

In each of these clips, both abstract ideas and those involving orders of magnitude difficult to imagine, are explained simply and clearly.

Space physics is a topic that generally interests and excites students. Some of these clips go beyond what is required for the curriculum but will act to inspire and promote further curiosity in students.

These clips will help students to develop understanding and curiosity of space physics at KS3, or to reinforce and revisit at KS4.

They could also support non-specialist teachers in developing their own knowledge and understanding.

Why do we have days, nights and seasons?
Why do astronomers use 'light years' to measure distance in space?
What is the Milky Way?
Moons in our solar system
The solar system