Physical Education / Music KS1: Fire

Three dancers dance to three pieces of classical music in animated, virtual environments - invoking the element Water.

The music they dance to includes Manuel de Falla’s Ritual Fire Dance, John Adams’ Short Ride in a Fast Machine and Borodin’s Polovtsian Dances.

Designed and choreographed to actively engage children with special education needs with classical music.

This clip is from the series Dance with the Elements.

Teacher Notes

Choreographed and animated to actively engage children with special education needs with classical music, the clip aims to encourage pupils to physically join in with the dancers on-screen.

The clip supports learning across the curriculum and can be used as a springboard for pupils to develop their understanding of the world around them.

Activities could include:

  • copying the dancers’ movements;
  • physically interpreting the mood of the different pieces of music;
  • investigating the important role of fire in human history;
  • investigating fire as a source of heat and light;
  • exploring myths and legends surrounding fire;
  • fire safety and fire hazards;
  • investigating people that help in emergencies – games and role plays around people we could call on in an emergency;
  • dressing up and mime activities in relation to the clip’s themes;
  • shadow puppets projected onto walls and ceiling.

Pupils can be encouraged to use dance and movement to explore the different emotions evoked by the concept of ‘fire’, by the feelings expressed in the clip, and by the pieces of music the clip is set to; promoting the social and emotional aspects of learning.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching Music or Physical Education to primary school children and children with special educational needs.

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